About Us... Anything Goes Auction & Liquidation

Once upon a time, we were just a fencing store…

In 2010, Fence Depot relocated their present store location at 3045 Pitt Street, Cornwall - where we added the Co-Op feed store line of products to its existing line of fencing products. This location was a Co-Op farm store for more than 50 years.

To satisfy the growing demand Fence Depot established its own personality when the family owned store choose to add Hunting & Fishing products to the store. Over the last 9+ years Fence Depot has spread it arms, not only enjoying being Cornwall's #1 Fencing store - but it has become Cornwall's and Area's #1 Hunting & Fishing outlet. 

With the Fencing side of the business is under the leadership of Bryan, and is expanding every year, which allowed John to venture out further with the existing retail store into other areas, primarily the firearms side of the business. Becoming the place to go for buy & sell your all your Hunting and Fishing items. 

With a well trained and knowledgeable staff on hand (and learning new things each day) is helping keep our company on the cutting edge of new products as well as the latest items in demand to have on hand to serve our customers. 

Over the years Fence Depot has add a 2 acres of fenced in area for the K-9 Dog Park to be enjoyed by it members and is the only dog run in Cornwall!

In 2018 the City of Cornwall approved the sale of Fireworks inside the city limits and Fence Depot is now the #1 Firework store in the Region with vast array of fireworks in stock  

Fence Depot continues to look for new was of serving our customer even better ...and this is our next adventure with Anything Goes Auction & Liquidation as our new online store that we hopeful believe will satisfy our existing customers and expand our products to our new online customers.