Welcome to Anything Goes Auction Online Store Promotion

Here at Anything Goes Auction, we are offering everyone a chance to get in on our fantastic promotional offers, with incredible odds, to take home fabulous prizes. These promotional offers are a great way for you, our value customers, to have a chance to see the all the items on display in our retail store called Fence Depot and More. You are able to participate often - and as many times as you like - making your odds greater each time you purchase a promotional entry. 

What is a promotional offer?

Promotional offers are a various assortment of items that Anything Goes Auction will put up for purchase, from time to time, to promote and/or enhance certain items that are sold throughout our retail and/or online store.

How the promotional offer works?

We post the promotional offer available online at Anything Goes Auction.ca with a limited number of entries to purchase.  That promotional offer purchase automatically enters the purchaser to win the Big Prize for that promotion.

Example:  A limited Promotional Offer of 30 stickers for a chance to win the Big Prize which is a Ruger 10/22 Rifle.

  • By purchasing 1 of the 30 available Fence Depot Stickers for $20.00 each will enter you to win the Big Prize (the Ruger 10/22 rifle with a retail value of $600.00 tax included).

Where can I view the promotional item(s)

On the left hand side of this page you will see the Promotional items icons listed and will also see a Winner icon. Click on the item you are interested in, if the promotional item has ended there will be no numbers to purchase this will mean that promotion has ended, only the promotional item(s) that has numbers showing are the one that are still open for a chance to win. By clicking  on the winner icon will show you a list of the previous promotional winners.

How do I Enter?

To enter the promotion, sign in or register yourself an account in Anything Goes Auction. Go to the Store icon, Then go to promotions, click on to the desired promotion you like to enter and then select one of the numbers by purchasing it, only the numbers that are still appearing are the ones that are still available. Once all the numbers are purchased. Within 24 hour after verification all  numbers are purchased  a number will be drawn by the use of a random number generator. This will be done live on Facebook and the winner will be notified immediately 

(If you don’t have an account you can create an account by clicking here.) 

What do I get for Buying an Entry?

Every entry is a purchase of a Promotional Item and you are automatically entered in the promotion for a chance at the BIG PRIZE. The more entries you buy the better your chance of obtaining the BIG PRIZE.

The promotional item is yours to keep, it can pick up at the store (Fence Depot & More located at 3045 Pitt Street Cornwall Ontario), or we can mail it to you or you can donate it to the store to be given out to a random person.

How is a Winner chosen?

When all the Promotional Items are sold for that draw we will use a random number generator to pick the lucky number winner. 

Important Details

The Winner of the BIG PRIZE will be required to pay the shipping (Unless picked up at the store location) and will have to have the required documents such as Personal identification Driver License PAL to collect the prize. (PAL not required to purchase an entry) by entering the promtions for a chance to win you are giving permission for anything goes auction and or Fence Depot & More to use you name and photograph of yourself  to use in as proof  that the promotional items was giving out. 

All promotional items are non refundable.