We provide many services and functions related to Gunsmithing...


Services and Cost

Hourly rate $80.00 - 1/2 hour min.

Inquire for cost for Bluing


Cleaning starts @ $40.00 per hour

Barrel work

Recoil pad installation - $70.00 plus pad

Scope installation receivers drilled and taped

With scope purchased here - No charge plus rings and bases

With your scope - $35.00 plus rings and bases

Bore Sight $20.00 per hour


Stock Work

Stock blanks available for the do it your-selfer


Many other services available, Just ASK

If what you want is not listed, please email or call.



Firearms not claimed after 60 days of notification are subject to a $30.00 a month storage fee.

After a one (1) year they become the property of Fence Depot & More.